Centor S1 door screen and blind

Max. frame width – single/multi-function system
152 1/4” (3867mm), Clear opening: 144" (3657mm)
Max. frame width – double screen
296 1/4" (7525mm), Clear opening: 288" (7315mm)
Max. frame height – with screen
125 5/32" (3179mm), Clear opening: 120" (3048mm)
Max. frame height – with shade
95 5/32” (2417mm), Clear opening: 90" (2286mm)

Centor's award-winning S1 Screen suits overall openings up to  296 1/4" (7525mm) wide. As a retractable system there are no pleats or sliding panels to impede the view. Operating with just a fingertip, the door screen discreetly disappears into its frame when not in use. It can be paired with a light-filtering shade in a multi-function system for complete versatility.

  • Install on the interior or exterior 
  • Pair with doors or windows
  • Available in three configurations:
    • Single: a screen or shade, extending from one side of the frame across the clear opening, up to 144" (3657mm) wide
    • Multi-function: a screen and shade, with one material type in the right frame and the other in the left, each extends across the clear opening up to 144" (3657mm) wide
    • Double: two screens or shades (in one material type) meeting in the middle up of a clear opening up to 288" (7315mm) wide
  • Cycle testing to 400,000 operations in a laboratory and collision tested with a 38lbs (17kg) punching bag 
  • Operate the robust screen from any height on the stile
  • Load-balancing technology ensures the screen remains in any chosen position until moved aside – no awkward hand-brake required
  • Self-feeding mechanism will feed the mesh onto the roll as the screen is retracted if it blows out of the top or bottom track
  • Screens and shades are accessible for service or replacement 
  • Frame available in a range of powdercoat colours
  • Charcoal insect mesh made from hard-wearing polyester/PVC
  • Light-filtering shades available in six colors
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty