Retractable insect screens

Centor S2 insect screen

Frame width
640 - 1300mm (single screen)
1200 - 2600mm (double screen)
Frame height
1200 - 3150mm

As Centor’s newest retractable screen, the S2 can be paired with French and sliding doors or windows up to 2600mm wide. With its compact design, S2 can be used in a renovation or new build, or retrofitted to existing doors or windows.

  • Install on the interior 
  • Pair with doors or windows
  • Screen configurations:
    • Single: a screen extending from one side of the frame across the entire opening, up to 1300mm wide
    • Double: two screens meeting in the middle up of the opening up to 2600mm wide
  • Compact design – low-profile sill just 19mm high
  • Operate the robust screen from any height on the stile
  • Simple to install in a four-step process
  • Load-balancing technology ensures the screen remains in any chosen position until moved aside
  • Self-feeding mechanism will feed the mesh onto the roll as the screen is retracted if it blows out of the top or bottom track
  • Once installed, the screen mechanism is accessible through the removable covers for simple servicing, repair or cleaning
  • The durable aluminium frame is available powder-coated in RAL 9016 Traffic White or RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey. Custom colours are available on request.
  • Charcoal insect mesh made from hard-wearing polyester/PVC, available in Standard weave (for flies, moths, mosquitoes) or Tight weave (for midges and tiny insects)
  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
The insect screen are there when needed but remain hidden when not
Exhaustive testing ensures Centor screens can withstand real-life use
For large openings
For large openings
Control insects, sunlight and privacy simply on openings big and small
Fingertip operation
Fingertip operation
Screens glide smoothly thanks to 1000s of hours of R&D and patented technology
Pair Centor Screens with folding, sliding or French doors and windows
Easy to clean
Easy to clean
Removable covers make cleaning simple so your screens continue to work like new