Retractable fly screens and blinds

Retractable fly screens and blinds

The original and the best! Centor’s award-winning retractable insect screens and blinds have solved the problem of screening large openings for folding doors and sliding glass doors. These screening systems can be elegantly paired with new or existing doors and windows to unobtrusively keep insects out, and also provide sun protection & privacy.

Centor’s fly screens and blinds retract into the system’s frame when not in use. Our horizontal, retractable systems for bifolding doors, sliding doors and French doors can be drawn across the opening from any height on the stile. With no crude spring loading to fight against the screen or blind remains firmly in any chosen position across the opening. Our vertical, chain operated systems for windows – including casement, louvre and awning – are easily controlled with one hand.  

The durable insect mesh has no pleats or lines to detract from the view. Installing a flyscreen means that doors can be open more often, increasing ventilation and reducing air conditioner use. The sun-filtering blind allows for discreet control of glare and privacy.

Centor S2 fly screen
Screens and blinds are there when needed but remain hidden when not
Exhaustive testing ensures Centor screens can withstand real-life use
For large or small openings
Large or small
Control insects, sunlight and privacy simply on doors and windows of all sizes
Fingertip operation
Fingertip operation
Screens glide smoothly thanks to 1000s of hours of R&D and patented technology
Pair Centor screens and blinds with folding, sliding or French doors and windows
Screens and blinds can be replaced should decorating tastes change
System selection

Find the right Centor screen for your door or window. Simply click on the system name to see the product details. Contact us if you have any questions.

S1 S2 S5 S6
Frame height (mm) 3200 700 - 3150 300 - 1800 300 – 1800
Frame width (mm) 7600 640 - 2600 500 - 2400 500 – 2400
Insect screen Yes Yes Yes Yes
Blind Yes Yes Yes
Use with door Yes Yes
Use with window Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance guide
If properly maintained, Centor fly screens and blinds will glide smoothly for years to come.
Centor offers a 5-year warranty on its stand-alone insect screens and blinds.
Product updates
Learn about the latest improvements to Centor’s award-winning screens and blinds.