Centor A6 hardware

Max. panel weight
Max. panel height
Max. panel width
Max. panel thickness

The original fully exposed sliding track system! 75mm diameter steel wheels give Centor A6 a rugged industrial look, with the classic open-rail design specified both for its aesthetic appeal and its functionality. Handling panels as large as 4m x 6m and up to 300kg, A6 is serious hardware that doesn't mind taking its share of the spotlight.

  • Sliding door system with exposed hardware
  • Interior use 
  • Classic open-rail design
  • A6 carrier wheels run on lengths of tailor made 50mm x 6mm mild steel bar 
  • Precision-ground bearings
  • Track – Single spans up up 5.9m in powdercoat & zinc finishes, and 2.6m in chrome. Longer rails require a bolted splice join
  • Side fixing holes are predrilled and safety stops at both ends of the track are standard
  • Small top and bottom clearances ensure A6 can be secured against being lifted off the open rail track
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty

Specifications are intended as a guide only. Calculated weight checks should be performed to ensure doors built to maximum height and widths do not exceed maximum weight.